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Founded in 2019, BARWIS Baseball focuses on player development and showcasing athletes at the highest level. Teams develop unique camaraderie through training and playing together within the world's top sports development organization. The program at BARWIS is dedicated to the development of each player and their exposure to college and professional organizations recruiting.

The BARWIS organization is uniquely positioned to expose baseball players to cutting-edge processes used in developing players at the professional baseball level. BARWIS, being the only private organization ever to run the sports science and development programs of multiple major league baseball teams, attains the ultimate validation for its unique skill set. BARWIS runs specialized training programs that have been utilized by three World Series Teams, countless All-Stars, MVPs, Hall of Famers, Golden Gloves, Silver Sluggers, and Cy Young Award Winners. This sets BARWIS apart from the rest. The extensive knowledge of the game from over 30 years in MLB qualifies BARWIS as a standalone private-sector organization that offers professional-level performance training. In its state-of-the-art 60,000 sqft performance center, you have access to the most advanced technology utilized around the world. With a staff of the most qualified individuals in the nation and current experience in professional sports, BARWIS is simply unmatched.

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