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Nick Tiano

2029 Head Coach

Nick Tiano is a former college baseball player who competed at multiple levels during his playing career. Following his time as a player, he transitioned into coaching youth baseball, working with various age groups.

Tiano emphasizes the importance of attitude and effort in both sports and life. He believes in maintaining a positive mindset and putting in maximum effort regardless of the circumstances. According to Tiano, individuals can only control their attitude and effort, making them crucial factors for success.

In his coaching philosophy, Tiano stresses the value of perseverance and resilience, particularly in the face of failure. He acknowledges the challenges of baseball, especially for young players, and aims to instill in them the necessary skills to overcome adversity.

Recognizing the impact of coaching on young athletes' futures, Tiano aspires to be more than just a coach but also a mentor and leader. He hopes to positively influence the lives of many children, guiding them not only in sports but also in personal development.


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